Canada's First Entertainment Crowdfunding Platform Launches for All Investors

FundingNomad brings the best and most exciting entertainment opportunities to Canadian investors, online, while maintaining full securities compliance.

FundingNomad ( has officially launched Canada's first entertainment crowdfunding platform for Canadian investors, opening up the market for companies to run campaigns that raise financing from the "crowd" for entertainment projects (stage shows, musicals, films, movies, direct-to-digital media, interactive exhibits, performances, and recreation/hospitality). Accredited and Retail Investors across the country can sign-up and invest for free on FundingNomad's secure portal that is fully compliant with Canadian securities regulations.

FundingNomad's crowdfunding platform is dedicated to entertainment and media investments, and is backed by its own respected and experienced Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) that has been financing entertainment deals for many years. The platform employs high security, privacy, scalability, as well as an automated and intelligent engine that controls the campaigns that investors are permitted to invest in, and how much they can invest based on their financial accreditation status.

Crowdfunding in Canada is growing rapidly and is expected to be a $190 million market in 2016, an increase of 48% over 2015. It is even larger in the United States, at well over $36 billion. "Canadians have a tremendous opportunity to be a part of this global investment phenomenon that puts the power, convenience and control in the investor's hands, together with strong regulatory oversight," stated Bradley Kerr, CEO and co-Founder of FundingNomad. "We are pleased to be able to bring Canadian investors the best entertainment deals from around the world, and allow them to become equity investors with the top producers, and share in the rewards."

According to Joe Kodjian, Chief Compliance Officer and co-Founder of FundingNomad, "Many people are familiar with donation crowdfunding where they receive a t-shirt or a gift for their donation to a campaign. Equity crowdfunding, on the other hand, gives real ownership and this is what most investors have been looking for. However, this market is highly regulated and that is why we spent over a year to develop our secure and compliant platform for all investors."

Crowdfunding accelerates the commercialization of new products, ideas and services in Canada to compete globally and strengthen Canada's entrepreneurial backbone at grassroots levels. According to Craig Asano, Founder & Executive Director of the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada, "Crowdfunding is not solely a provincial issue. Nor is it entirely a federal one. It is a Canadian issue. All governments need to examine what they can do to improve the ability of SME's to tap this potentially huge funding source." FundingNomad is a member of NCFA Canada, which is the only trade association actively engaged with both social and investment fintech crowdfunding and alternative finance stakeholders across the country. Learn more at

Investors interested in entertainment deals are invited to sign-up for a free account on FundingNomad at or to contact FundingNomad at Members of the press may contact FundingNomad at

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FundingNomad is the best and most exciting way to invest in entertainment crowdfunding - online, securely and compliantly. Investors from around the world can invest in global entertainment projects (stage shows, musicals, films, movies, direct-to-digital media, interactive exhibits, performances, and recreation/hospitality) developed by the most experienced and successful production companies that have been fully vetted and approved. Past campaigns include Mat Franco Magic Reinvented Nightly, Rock of Ages Las Vegas, Absinthe at Caesar's Palace, and many more. For more information and to create a free investor account, go to

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